With the global introduction of exclusively handcrafted masterpiece supreme luxury cars, and also passion automobiles - Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom Cars in India, luxury brand Hi and Hraadyesh has created a new milestone in the global automobile and luxury industry.

Hi is offering an elite luxury experience and the best in class life style statement for you; who enjoys the best of everything. Exclusively handcrafted masterpiece super luxury cars hand built par excellence with utmost care and precision to offer the finest supreme luxury. Distinctive branding with special events and with unlimited unique offerings Hi and Hraadyesh takes the luxury experience to a new level globally.

Gone are the days when you would run behind a brand, a model, a series, or a class of automobiles, now at Hi we make your own dream car a reality.

There will be no other car running on the roads just like the one especially made for you by Hi .


Dream first to realize your dream...

Meet the man who introduced the new world of masterpiece supreme luxury, masterpiece edition cars globally and passion automobiles Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle cars for the first time in India...

Cars have always been my biggest passion. Irreplaceable luxury cars by brand Hi are a natural extension of what I love to do. From a child who always picked cars over toys, to a man who is determined to redefine luxury business globally my journey has been unique.

Hraadyesh a dreamer, passionate individual, a dynamic visionary entrepreneur, world record holder; working on his dream to create a new world of global luxury. He believes in achieving what is never done and his eyes are set to create a new benchmark to emerge as a global leader in the luxury, automobile, motorsport and lifestyle arena. He is the founder and visionary force behind the brand "Hi" and "Hraadyesh"

Hraadyesh says - "Dream first to realize your dream".

Morris Street

  •  Morris street Elite royal interiors Morris street Elite royal interiors
  • Morris Street - Super curvacious Body Morris street super Curvaceous body.
  • Morris Street - on the open roads Morris Street - on the open roads
  • Morris Street - India's First Street Rod - Creating History Morris Street - India's First Street Rod - Creating History
  • Morris Street - An exclusive Masterpiece Morris Street - An exclusive Masterpiece
  • Morris Street Custom handcrafted design Morris Street Custom handcrafted design

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Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve
the quality of what you have to offer.

  • Luxury Street Rod
  • Luxury Street Rod
  • Luxury Custom Rod
  • Luxury Hot Rod


Every masterpiece supreme luxury car manufactured at Hi is exclusively hand-built from scratch and is available globally. The cars are fully hand crafted and custom-built with utmost care,Precision following the highest quality standards and uniquely branded. The manufacturing of every super luxury car reflects in-house innovation technology, research, development, unlimited possibilities and globally unique experiences.

Supreme luxury masterpiece edition car as a lifetime gift to your Dad, Birthday present to your Husband, Surprise your love with an elite passion car especially handcrafted for her. Exclusive limited edition show-car for your private collection, corporate or lifestyle events; possibilities are endless to make every "Moment" of your "life" as "Special" and "Unique" as "YOU"...

Hi masterpiece supreme luxury car

If you always have an image of your dream car in your mind, we at Hi will turn your dream into a reality. Hi masterpiece supreme luxury car is an exclusive, fully hand-built car manufactured from scratch using world finest material, technology and innovation offering royal elegance with innovative super performance especially built to experience the new world of masterpiece supreme luxury. Hi masterpiece supreme luxury car is a masterpiece which will always remain one and the only piece in the whole world. Hi masterpiece supreme luxury offers a new world above the bespoke or ultra luxury created especially for you...

Hot Rod

When it comes to Hot Rod looks will always be deceptive. Burn up the racing track with super power Hot Rods especially built only for straight-line racetrack experience. If speed gives you an adrenaline rush then Hot Rod is just what you need.

Street Rod

Crafted for Style Czars who wear their style with élan, our Street Rod is guaranteed to make heads turn. Street rod a classic design masterpiece custom built "Especially for you". Street Rod is a non-racing automobile, completely safe to drive on roads.

Muscle Cars

These handcrafted straight body lines cars are custom made to showcase the power and performance.Built normally as coupe, especially fitted with high performance machine, features, design for the desired requirement of racetrack experience or Street driving to make your presence felt on the roads.

Sky is the limit in the exclusive world of masterpiece supreme luxury, super performance Luxury cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom cars by Hi and Hraadyesh.

One of the best parts about owning a handcrafted masterpiece Super luxury car, Hot Rod, Street Rod or a Custom car however is not only in the creation of a unique vehicle, but in its enjoyment after it is crafted and launched on the road; when it cuts through the wind and gives you a sense of victory. Designed to make heads turn as you go for a spin in the city, every masterpiece edition supreme luxury car hand-built at Hi is a reflection of your identity and pride on road.

If you have always wanted a car that spells "You" then the masterpiece Supreme Luxury Car hand built at Hi and Hraadyesh is the "One" for "You".


Masterpiece supreme luxury car, Handcrafted Super performance Luxury cars, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars, Custom cars at Hi are exclusively manufactured and hand-built on order received strictly via Invitation basis only.

To translate your dream car into reality-share your passion and dream with us, for your exclusive invitation. You are two steps away from becoming the proud owner of Hi Masterpiece supreme luxury car, handcrafted super performance luxury car especially made for you.

Take some time to share about your dream and you while submitting the Invitation request. Post the screening of your request we will personally get in touch and escort you to the new world of Hi Masterpiece supreme luxury.
*Share all the details about your "Dream car" and "You":

In order to evolve, you must stand still long enough for your Heart to have a Conversation with your Brain.


Brand Hi , Hraadyesh and its corporate identity represent the supreme elements of an Individual lifespan:


Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating your own Identity.


Respect cannot be learned, purchased or acquired-it can only be earned and it is one of the hardest things to earn on this planet.


Dream is first step towards exploring a new world of possibilities - "Dream first to realize your dream"

Trinity dominance of these essential elements relates directly to the Human Heart, which reflects the finest charisma of an individual. As it's widely proven, it's not the mind but the human Heart presiding an individual panache. "Hraadyesh" an origin from Sanskrit (historical indo Aryan language) means "Emperor of Heart", the majestic power to avail the best and the finest in the world. The supremacy of trinity - Identity, Power and Respect combined with Hraadyesh resulted in the Brand Hi , Hraadyesh dedicated to create and offer the finest experience with endless opportunities in field of supreme luxury, lifestyle, automobile, aviation , marine , research and development , innovation , technology , motorsport and many more next generation offerings...

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